[Killjoys] Johnny Jaqobis and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day (That Just Might Be Okay....

Title: [Text] Johnny Jaqobis and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day (That Just Might Be Okay in the End) by igrockspock
Reader: fire_juggler
Bingo Square(s): Sing
Fandom: Killjoys
Characters: Dutch, Johnny, Lucy
Length: 00:46:53
Summary: List of bad things that have happened to Johnny today:

-Shot by woman in bloody wedding dress
-Failed to steal beautiful spaceship
-Nearly electrocuted
-Pursued by ruthless bounty hunters
-Duped into indentured servitude

But somehow, if he’s lucky, he just might finish the day with a new partner and maybe even a friend.

Link to Podfic: [Podfic] Johnny Jaqobis and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day (That Just Might Be Okay in the End)

three more pods

Title: all of these problems (they're all in your head) by mizzy
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): character death & Monthly Challenge: September 2x3 L shape
Fandom: spider-man & fantastic four
Pairing: Peter Parker/Johnny Storm
Length: 00:21:16
Summary: Peter Parker can see the red strings of fate that connect lovers for everyone but himself.
Gwen Stacy had no string, and Peter thought that meant she could be his, but then she died. So when he remembered that Johnny Storm also had no string... Peter could be sure of only one thing:
Having no string meant you were supposed to die, and Peter was not going to let Johnny Storm die.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] all of these problems (they're all in your head)


Title: fake empires by copperbadge
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): lower vocal range
Fandom: batman & superman
Pairing: Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne
Length: 01:25:03
Summary: Bruce Wayne can't possibly be as dumb as he acts, and Clark Kent isn't as ordinary as he appears.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] fake empires


Title: get away (new car, caviar, four star daydream) by xenakis
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): higher pitch effect
Fandom: guardians of the galaxy
Pairing: gen
Length: 00:23:02
Summary: Two weeks out from Xandar, Gamora starts to suspect that she may have been hasty in appointing Quill as their Fearless Leader.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] get away (new car, caviar, four star daydream)

[wtnv/community] recruitment practices + [teen wolf] the heart is a loney hunter

Title: recruitment practices by thingswithwings
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s) challenge: cross-over
Fandom: welcome to night vale
Pairing: Carlos/Cecil Palmer, Troy Barnes/Annie Edison/Abed Nadir
Length: 00:20:48
Summary: Cecil interviews Annie, Abed, and Troy for positions with Night Vale Public Radio. Minor bloodletting, mentions of zombie gladiators.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] recruitment practices


Title: the heart is a lonely hunter by swing set in december
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): fairy tale
Fandom: teen wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Length: 00:09:49
Summary: Look what we've got, a fairy tale plot.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] the heart is a lonely hunter

the podfics so far

Title: tabbycat style by inlovewithnight
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): female character
Fandom: ghostbusters
Pairing: erin gilbert/jillian holtzmann
Length: 00:09:14
Summary: Holtzmann believes in showing her interest directly.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] tabbycat style


Title: here in public by marmolita
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): group sex
Fandom: daredevil
Pairing: Matt Murdock/Franklin "Foggy" Nelson/Karen Page
Length: 00:07:19
Summary: Kinkmeme prompt: Matt's hypersensitivity means that it's easy to mess around with him enough to have a serious effect without actually putting much effort into it. All it takes is the right, light and fleeting touches in certain areas and a breathy quality of voice and speaking just close enough to his ear to have him come undone while still fully clothed. He doesn't even need full on contact or blatant touching below the belt.

I want to see Karen and Foggy double-teaming him and doing this while in the office or somewhere else.

Super duper bonus points if it's a semi-public or full on public area.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] here in public


Title: trust is under/over rated by angelan
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): read with a smile
Fandom: jupiter ascending
Pairing: Jupiter Jones/Caine Wise
Length: 00:08:47
Summary: After Titus, Jupiter is giving up on trusting people. And it's going to stick. Not like last time. Or the time before that. Or the time before that. Or that. Not like all the other times. She's definitely done.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] trust is under/over rated


Title: Ätherwellen by colorsflyaway
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): non-english language
Fandom: kingsman
Pairing: Harry Hart | Galahad/Gary "Eggsy", UnwinMerlin/OFC
Length: 00:24:19
Summary: There are three-hundred and twenty-six members in Kingsman's tech departments all over the world, and obviously they have lots of stories to share about their agents and what they do to drive them crazy.
The best way to do so is a super-secret WhatsApp group, and if it gets a challenge for all of them to finally get Harry and Eggsy together, it might just be Merlin's fault.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] Ätherwellen


Title: earthlings gonna earth by lanna michaels
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): read deadpan
Fandom: the martian
Pairing: none
Length: 00:06:48
Summary: Five things that happen when you get stuck on Mars and have to be dramatically rescued. Or, Mark Watney meets pop culture.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] earthlings gonna earth


Title: let me be (your favorite star on the best night) by socallmedaisy
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): read quickly
Fandom: sense8
Pairing: amanita/nomi marks
Length: 00:37:52
Summary: It’s not that she wishes none of this had happened—honestly, the biggest part of her is glad that Nomi isn’t going through this alone—it’s just that she wishes she could get a handle on what it’s like for Nomi to have seven other people pop in and out of her life whenever they want to and feel exactly what she’s feeling.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] let me be (your favorite star on the best night)


Title: mutant capitalism by fantalaimon
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): character voices
Fandom: x-men
Pairing: none
Length: 00:10:49
Summary: Written for the prompt "It's a board game night and nothing ruins friendship quite like Monopoly...the mutant edition." That about sums it up.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] mutant capitalism

September Challenges: Crossovers and 2 x 3 "L" Shape :D

This month we have two challenges for you: The theme challenge 'crossovers' (Please include the tag challenge: crossovers when you post.) and the shape challenge ‘“L” Shape 2x3' (tag challenge: 2x3 L). You can pick the challenge you prefer or do both if you're feeling ambitious. Once you’ve posted the podfic required to fulfill the monthly challenge, please comment here to let us know you’ve completed the challenge.

Theme Challenges:
Theme challenges have to do with fic choice. Since this month's challenge is 'crossovers' your story has to be related to that theme one way or another. If you complete 2 theme challenges you’ll get a cheat.

Shape Challenges:
Shape challenges require that you complete a specific shape of squares on your card. If you complete a shape challenge by the deadline, you’ll win a cheat. If your card already has the shape formation that fits the monthly challenge before the challenge starts, you can only count that challenge as completed if you fill at least one square on your card within the challenge time period. So if you already have a diagonal before the challenge starts, you don’t have to get a whole new set of 3 squares in the shape of a diagonal. You do however have to complete at least one square this month for it to count.

What are Cheats?
Cheats are rewards that allow participants to manipulate their cards so that they can be finished more easily.
There are 2 kinds of cheats: shifting squares and swapping out squares.
Shifting squares allows participants to swap locations of two squares on their card.
Swapping out cheats allow you to discard one of your prompts entirely from your card and replace it with a prompt of your choosing from the Prompt List.

[Harry Potter:] One Pecker Pepper, Please, Preferably Not Pickled

Title: One Pecker Pepper, Please, Preferably Not Pickled by enchanted_jae
Reader: smirkingcat
Bingo Square(s): Read Drunkenly
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Augusta Longbottom
Summary: Auror Potter has been summoned to investigate a disturbance in Augusta Longbottom's garden.

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[Harry Potter:] Victor and Victims

Title:Victor and Victims by nia_kantorka
Reader: smirkingcat
Bingo Square(s): Unfamiliar Genre
Fandom:Harry Potter
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley
Summary: They were naked except for the golden glitter covering their bodies. All three had rosy cheeks and dilated pupils which was due to the Lust Potion they had been forced to drink earlier.

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Two Lost Girl Podfics

Title: [Text] Simplest Comforts by credoimprobus
Reader: fire_juggler
Bingo Square(s): Fluff
Fandom: Lost Girl
Characters: Kenzi & Bo (Gen)
Length: 00:06:43
Summary: If she can't have Love with a capital L, at least she can have the best friend she could ever have wished for.

Link to Podfic: [Podfic] Simplest Comforts

Title: [Text] (last night's love affair is looking vulnerable again) by aphrodite_mine
Reader: fire_juggler
Bingo Square(s): Group Sex (more than two partners)
Fandom: Lost Girl
Pairing: Bo/Kenzi/Lauren
Length: 00:03:38
Summary: The feeling that bubbles up is something like jealousy, but there's desire, too, like too much wine. It makes her heat up, red in the face and too eager to touch. Oh, she thinks, swallows. They notice her too late, a squeak from the hallway, her hands gripping the doorway.

Link to Podfic: [Podfic] (last night's love affair is looking vulnerable again)