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That's a wrap! and PRIZES!
podficbingo_mod wrote in podfic_bingo
Well, the 2016 round of podfic_bingo has come to a close. We couldn't be more thrilled with all the podfic you all produced and it was a delight to watch people try some things they maybe hadn't tried before. We hope that you had a wonderful time participating this year, whether you created one podfic or ended up blacking out your card. Thank you for joining us and being a part of our community.

We also wanted to say congratulations to everyone who succeeded in getting at least one bingo! That's an amazing accomplishment! Banners and prizes are under the cut :D Also, I think we found everyone, but it's possible we missed you. If you got a bingo and you're not listed, let us know!

Banners and prizes are under the cut!

Thank you to everyone!
analise010 and fire_juggler

Scroll down or just click your name to jump to your spot.



Prize: Cover for 3am at Denny's (click thumbnail for full image)



Prize: Cover for chat's eye view (click thumbnail for full image)





[Podfic] Say Hello to Friends You Know [text by sabinelagrande]: mp3 | m4b, Critical Role, Percy/Vex.
[Podfic] stay awake [text by pearwaldorf]: mp3 | m4b, Critical Role, Percy/Vex.
[Podfic] a stolen kiss [text by pearwaldorf]: mp3 | m4b, Critical Role, Percy/Vex.



Prize: Compiled podbook for Exeunt, Pursued By Heteronormativity: with music | without music



[Podfic] the discovery of yuuri (the japanese one, not the emo one) [text by thankyouforexisting]: mp3 | m4b, Yuri!!! on Ice, Victor/Yuuri.



Prize: [Podfic] Because He Said He Loves You and You're Not Ready to Say It Back Yet [text by gracerene]: mp3 | m4b, Harry Potter, Harry/Draco.



Prize: [Podfic] Three Fairy Tales, One Prince [text by tryslora]: mp3 | m4b, Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles.

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Of course! It was really great to have you join in this year! ♥

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