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Title: the mustache mission by tierfal
Reader: annapods
Challenge: December: hijinks
Fandom: fullmetal alchemist
Length: 00:34:14
Summary: and Al have no idea what they're getting into when they let Major Hawkeye recruit them one last time.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] the mustache mission


Title: aftermath by kaasknot
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): gen
Fandom: mad max fury road
Length: 00:33:34
Summary: It's one thing to stand and scream "We are not things!" It is something different to sit down in the quiet that follows and find what that means.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] aftermath


Title: hard to find by jaylocked
Reader: annapods
Challenge: November: fate (late)
Fandom: all for the game
Pairing: Jeremy Knox/Jean Moreau
Length: 00:24:43
Summary: Jean has learned to hate the letters on his ribs.

He can remember a time before, back when he still had the sky above him and his future before him, when the letters fueled his insatiable, childish imagination. But then he lost the sky, lost his future, lost his language, and the letters changed.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] hard to find


Title: steal you the sky by fideliant
Reader: annapods
Challenge: August: customs (late)
Fandom: the hobbit
Pairing: Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Length: 00:47:33
Summary: 'Cause you're the one.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] steal you the sky


Title: the irresistible rebel by writeonclara
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): harlequin
Fandom: star wars the force awakens
Pairing: Poe Dameron/Finn
Length: 00:18:29
Summary: Finn and Poe discover a pulp romance novel. About them. It’s trash.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] the irresistible rebel
Tags: !blackout, challenge: customs, challenge: fate, challenge: hijinks, square: gen, square: harlequin
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