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Let's Talk Prizes!

Hi everybody! We have a little over a month and a half left of the 2016 round and we have been so happy with the amazing podfics you all have been creating! Per usual, everyone who accomplishes a bingo will get a banner extolling their accomplishments. But we'd like to do a little something extra for each of you that accomplishes their goals (a bingo or a blackout or what-have-you).

We know that different people like/want different things, here are your options:

  1. Cover Art for one of your podfics

  2. Compiled podbook (m4b) using existing coverart (or no cover art) for one of your podfics/podfic series.

  3. Compiled podbook (m4b) with a new cover for one of your podficspodfic series.

  4. Short podfic (less than 1500 words) for a specific fic (with permission) or a particular fandom/pairing

  5. Just a banner for me, please (i.e. nothing extra :D)

For all participants, let us know what you'd like in the comments by filling out the following form. Just give us a yes/no for each of the options, and if it involves creating something for one of your podfics, let us know which podfics are game :)

Also, if you're willing to help us create gifts for other people, let us know that, as well (in addition to which type of gift(s) you're down for creating).
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