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November Challenges: Fate and "X" Shape

This month we have two challenges for you: The theme challenge 'fate' (Please include the tag challenge: fate when you post.) and the shape challenge ‘X shape' (tag challenge: x shape). You can pick the challenge you prefer or do both if you're feeling ambitious. Once you’ve posted the podfic required to fulfill the monthly challenge, please comment here to let us know you’ve completed the challenge.

Theme Challenges:
Theme challenges have to do with fic choice. Since this month's challenge is 'fate' your story has to be related to that theme one way or another. If you complete 2 theme challenges you’ll get a cheat.

Shape Challenges:
Shape challenges require that you complete a specific shape of squares on your card. If you complete a shape challenge by the deadline, you’ll win a cheat. If your card already has the shape formation that fits the monthly challenge before the challenge starts, you can only count that challenge as completed if you fill at least one square on your card within the challenge time period. So if you already have a diagonal before the challenge starts, you don’t have to get a whole new set of 3 squares in the shape of a diagonal. You do however have to complete at least one square this month for it to count.

What are Cheats?
Cheats are rewards that allow participants to manipulate their cards so that they can be finished more easily.
There are 2 kinds of cheats: shifting squares and swapping out squares.
Shifting squares allows participants to swap locations of two squares on their card.
Swapping out cheats allow you to discard one of your prompts entirely from your card and replace it with a prompt of your choosing from the Prompt List.
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