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[merlin] one and one, by and by + [meta] bad romance: dracula, twilight, and rape culture
annapods wrote in podfic_bingo
Title: one and one, by and by by noneisland
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): rare pairing + Monthly Challenge(s): "plus" shape
Fandom: merlin
Pairing: Gwen/Lancelot/Morgana
Length: 00:21:20
Summary: He can’t look at Morgana.
Or—he can, but now when he looks at her she’s still terrifying and beautiful but she’s also the woman who’s loved Gwen since they were children, she’s Gwen’s first everything. She’s the ward of a king, raised like a sister to the current regent; she has wealth and consequence and everything he doesn’t have to give to Gwen.
He doesn’t doubt, even for a moment, that she loves Gwen too.

Link to Podfic: [podfic] one and one, by and by


Title: bad romance: dracula, twilight, and rape culture by 100indecisions
Reader: annapods
Bingo Square(s): no dialogue
Fandom: twilight
Pairing: canon relationships
Length: 02:03:13
Summary: [100indecisions'] no-kidding master's thesis, the tl;dr version of which can be summarized as "Twilight sucks, but not because teenage girls love it or because it contains sparkling vampires".

Actual abstract: "Despite being generally received as wholesome entertainment, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series implicitly supports rape culture by subtly reinforcing dangerous ideas about romance and relationships. In order to demonstrate the pervasive nature of these attitudes at work in the Twilight series, this paper first describes the concept itself and the crucial features of the beliefs that support it. Dracula—and, more importantly, the prevailing cultural perceptions about Stoker’s novel—functions as an important intertext for Twilight thanks to its status as one of the earliest popular vampire novels, and I use it to show how these attitudes can normalize certain assumptions about sexuality in a context generally assumed to involve a clear sexual interpretation. My examination of the books in Meyer’s modern vampire narrative takes this idea further, arguing that the same attitudes applied to Dracula provide an even more subtle representation of the mindsets that comprise and perpetuate rape culture."

Link to Podfic: [podmeta] bad romance: dracula, twilight, and rape culture

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one by one: This was really lovely. I thought though did such a great job with the lightening angst and all the FEEEEEEEEEEEELS! I have a super soft spot for Morgana, and you did such a great job capturing her voice. I don't think I've ever seen this particular relationship combination before, and I'm so happy you introduced me to it!

meta: So this was fascinating! I don't read a lot of meta, but this makes me think I should seek it out more. It's definitely something I would have missed if not for your lovely reading of it. I thought you read really clearly with good pacing that really helped me absorb all the details without ever getting bored. Really well done and a great choice of meta to record!

Thank youuu !
(by the way, congrats on your full black out)

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