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2016 Rules and FAQ!

Welcome to Podfic Bingo

What is Podfic Bingo
podfic_bingo was originally the brainchild of klb. She wanted a challenge for podficcers like fic bingo challenges where, instead of being given subject prompts, we're given reading/podfic style prompts. These days, there are three main types of prompts: reading prompts (e.g. Read Loudly), production prompts (e.g. Record in a New Location), and fic choice prompts (e.g. Angst).

This can be a way for podficcers to try different things when podficcing to hone their art, to get out of a rut, to venture outside their comfort zone, or try something they've always wanted to but maybe didn't have the courage to.

Some things you try may not go exactly as planned, but it's all about learning and doing new things. Don't be afraid!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I interpret the prompts?
Anyway you want. We're open to all kinds of interpretations to prompts. So long as you can present a valid argument for how it's connected to the prompt, that's awesome. If you're really unsure, leave a comment in our Resource Post.

Does the prompt have to be incorporated into the entire podfic?
It can be but it doesn't have to. We want to leave this challenge more open than that and allow people to work this challenge around the fics they were already planning on recording.

Can the same fic be used for more than one prompt?
Yes! You could do multiple recordings of the same fic trying out different prompts.
You can also count a single podfic for more than one prompt. If, for example, you had the prompts "read slowly," "add music" and "read sadly" you could incorporate all those prompts into a single podfic. However, we limit this to only 4 squares, so that you have to make at least 2 podfics to get a bingo.

Is there a minimum/maximum length?
Nope! You could do a 30 second podfic or a 30 hour one. However long it takes you to incorporate the prompt(s) is long enough.

How do I post?
Whenever you finish a prompt, you can post it to this comm, using the following (suggested) format:

Bingo Square(s):

Link to Podfic:

HTML available here:

You can deviate from the suggested format, but please don’t forget to mention the fandom and bingo square(s) you’re filling so we can tag properly! You are also free to crosspost your podfic whereever you'd like.

Can I use my Podfic Bingo podfics for other challenges?
Yes! This challenge is designed to fit into your other podfic projects.

What's the timeline for this challenge?
Sign Ups: March 1 through September 1, 2016
Cards Go Out: Within 6 days of your sign up.
Deadline: December 31, 2016

You can start posting as soon as you get your prompts and have the rest of the year to get through as many of them as you want/can.

What are the Monthly Challenges?

Each month this year, there will be a Theme Challenge and a Shape Challenge

Theme Challenges
Theme challenges have to do with fic choice. For example, we might put out a theme challenge of time baking! And participants can record stories where someone falls in love with a baker, where characters argue over cupcakes, etc. These challenges are still aimed at helping participants fill out their card but with a little more leeway. If you complete 1 theme challenge, you’ll get a cheat.

Shape Challenges
Square challenges require that you complete specific squares or specific shapes of squares on your card. For example we might challenge people to finish a mini-line of 3 squares in a row, or to complete an X formation.

If your card already has a square formation that fits the monthly challenge before the challenge starts, you can only count that challenge as completed if you fill at least one square on your card within the challenge time period. For example, if the challenge is to get 3 squares in a row, and you already have 3 in a row before the challenge starts, you don’t have to get a whole new set of 3 in a row. You do however have to complete at least one square that month for it to count.

Completing Challenges
At the beginning of each challenge, the mods will make a post announcing the challenge and inviting those who have completed the challenge to show off their bingo cards. Once you’ve posted the podfics required to fulfill the monthly challenge, head over to that post and be sure to let the mods know you’ve completed the challenge.

What are Cheats?
Cheats are rewards that allow participants to manipulate their cards so that they can be finished more easily. You can earn a cheat through the monthly challenges.

There are 2 kinds of cheats: shifting squares and swapping out squares.

Shifting squares allows participants to swap locations of two squares on their card. For example, if I was one square short of a line, but had completed at least 5 squares on my card, I could move a completed prompt into the last slot to make a line and move the uncompleted prompt to the location of the just moved square.


Can become this:

Swapping out cheats allow you to discard one of your prompts entirely from your card and replace it with a prompt of your choosing from the prompt list. So if you get a card with a prompt your not comfortable with or don’t think you can do (or you just don’t want to do) you can swap it out with one you prefer more.

I have a podfic I did a while ago that fits one of my prompts, can I use that?
No. Only podfics posted after you get your card will count for this challenge.

How do I win?
Like traditional Bingo you can make all kinds of different lines or shapes (- | / \ + L etc.) or you can go for a full blackout of your card and do all the prompts. You don't need to wait until you have a line to post you podfics though, we encourage you to post as you go. If there's a prompt that isn't in your line that you'd like to do anyway, do it, you might be able to work it in using one of the cheats!

What do I get if I complete a Bingo line/the whole card?
Last year everyone who got a bingo got a personalized banner, which should be happening again this year, possibly with some extra things thrown in as well.

What if I get a prompt I really hate and/or are uncomfortable with and/or can't do?
You have a couple of options here. First, we encourage you to interpret prompts however you like, so you might find a "non-obvious" way to work with the prompt you were given. However, sometimes that doesn't always work. If that's the case, you can complete one of the monthly challenges and earn a cheat, which will allow you to swap out the disliked prompt for another one that is more to your liking.

This all sounds awesome, now how do I sign up?
You can sign up at the Sign Up Post, which will open this year on March 1, 2016.

This comm also runs over at Dreamwidth.

I've finished my card, can I have another one?
Yes, you prolific podficcer! Just leave a request at the Sign Up Post.

How do I contact a mod?
You can leave a comment here or message podficbingo_mod and a mod will get back to you. You can also find us at podficbingo@gmail.com or on Twitter @podfic_bingo.

Don't hesitate to ask a mod if you've got further questions.
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