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End of the Year Round Up
analise010 wrote in podfic_bingo
Hello, lovely podficcers! It has been a great year here in podfic_bingo, thanks to you and your creations. This year, we had five bingos and one blackout this round. **Our amazing bingo achievers are:

[personal profile] hananobira
[personal profile] blackglass

The mods would like to thank everyone who participate in the challenge this year. Whether you requested a bingo card, retweeted a monthly challenge, or worked long and hard on getting a blackout, you are the ones who make happen. Have a great year and we'll see you when prizes come out later this month.

** If you got a bingo and the mods missed you, comment here and let us know. These are the names we listed were compiled from whoever tagged their post with !bingo.


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